Saturday, April 21, 2007

a day with Mr. Mom

This week of time off between jobs has been a real joy for me to be able to spend more time with Claire. I still admire how Jen does it all so well and with such good cheer. Today was a great day in many respects. I took a walk with the baby in the new Ergo carrier during which she fell asleep. She is holding her bottle more and more by herself. Look, Ma! One hand!
happy girl took big feed
And she took a nice long nap, giving me time to assemble and install a kitchen cabinet and Mom time to go shopping. Then, when she woke up, she played happily, and took a big feed.
P.S. The emu oil arrived tonight and we tried it right after the bath. Here's hoping (and praying.)


Kelly said...

I hope the emu oil works for you too. I know the frustration you are going through (and the pain of watching your child suffer so much discomfort). I don't know if I'll ever forget the time Lucy clawed herself so badly in her sleep that she looked like she had been attacked by a cat the next morning. It took a whole month for those deep scratches to heal. I am so thankful the emu oil worked for her. Every night it gives me great joy to feel her soft skin again and lay her to bed knowing she won't be suffering discomfort. I'll pray extra for Baby Claire!

Be patient. It might take a couple weeks for full results. Lucy responded well very quickly, but her entire body wasn't excema free until these last few days. I apply it religiously (every morning and every night and midafternoon if her skin seems dry). Lather it on.

Jen said...

Thahks for the tips. We have been using it 4 times per day and have seen a little improvement this week, but she is still very itchy. It seems to help with the inflamation.