Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Claire suddenly has 6 teeth. Starting on June 16th she began showing new ones on a regular basis. Now she has four on the top and two on the bottom.

She has been a bit more adventurous with eating solid foods. For a while she was only willing to eat Cheerios. Lately she's tried rice pilaf, watermelon, plum and sweetpotato.

She also has has some two hour naps in the past couple days! Wow! You may remember she used to be queen of the 30 minute nap...not anymore. We got an Amby motion bed on ebay recently and it's made a big difference for napping and ease of settling in to sleep. She has also been sleeping a 4 hour stint from 8pm-12am. She had been sleeping 2-3 hour stints and sometimes waking for an hour or more during the nights when the teething was bothering her.

New Chicken salad recipe:
chopped hearts of romaine
diced leftover grilled chicken
diced leftover baked potato
grapes (halved)or avocado
toss with vinaigrette

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