Saturday, January 05, 2008

New video of Claire Walking. Click on underlined link above. She can take over 20 steps on her own now! very exciting!
We are enjoying our week in Arizona with my family. Be back tomorrow.


Katie Jones said...

Hooray! Go Claire, go!

Anonymous said...

What fun this week has been!! Claire has progressed so much in 7 days, it is just amazing. She has become much steadier on her feet, more adventuresome with walking and will be a toddler in no time at all. She now knows what an eyebrow is and repeatedly wants to touch someone's eyebrow as well as investigate their tummy and belly button know as "button".
Her constant love of going up and down the stairs never wained, but of course this wish was only granted when an adult could supervise this activity. Going up and down stairs was referred to by Claire as "step, step". Another favorite pastime is untying shoelaces, either her own or anyone elses who happens to be near. Never a dull moment!! Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

Love, Nanu & Papa(the stair master)