Tuesday, March 02, 2010

zoo day

Claire says, "Hi. I went to the zoo yesterday. I liked the giraffes and the flamingos."

My favorite part was the gorillas. We got to watch a young gorilla named Glenda interacting with a group of 5 and six year old boys. She would run back and forth and make noise and put her mouth on the glass and smack the glass with her hand. She was very playful and the boys were running back and forth with her laughing and talking to her.

Claire is gaining weight and enjoying hearty dinners on a regular basis. She is up to 27 lbs.

Emily in toddling around with confidence. She didn't want to hold my hand at the zoo yesterday and did quite a bit of walking. (Grandpa and I carried her some too.)


Martin said...

We enjoyed hearing about your day at the zoo and loved seeing all the new pics on flkr. Love, Nanna

Azreada said...

I am jealous that I missed the day at the zoo. I remember what fun we had the last time we went and Claire had to hang on every pole she found. I hope it was a beautiful, sunny day.