Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter Monday

Christ is risen from the dead trampling down death by death and upon those in the tombs bestowing life. We are enjoying the Pascal season.

Science day. Today for preschool we read about tapirs and gorillas and talked about what they eat. We did a project from bathtub science and learned about cohesion "water is sticky." We also did our Spanish rhymes and counting and quiet time. We poked holes in the cup watered the carrot seeds she planted at the zoo.

We are most of the way through the first Laura Ingalls Wilder book. Claire loves it. It is doing wonders for her attention span. She listens so quietly. Thank you Katie for the suggestion.


Martin said...

Christ is truly risen! Poppa watered his carrot seeds too, Claire. Wow! Laura Ingals Wilder! Would that be Little House in the Big Woods? Does that bring back memories, Mark? Did you get a box in the mail from Oklahoma yet? Love & hugs, Nanna

Mark said...

yes, we should post the pics we took. They loved opening the box on Saturday.

Azreada said...

Wow, that seems very ambitious for one so young. I am so pleased that she can listen attentively to such a fun book. You might want to check out some recipes from the series here:

Johney said...

I still ejjoy reading about the girls, Grammmy seeems to enjoy hearing the thing they do. She may not remmer,but at the time seems to like hearing the story. Thanks for beening able to send them. We all love hearing.
Love; Grammy,Johney

Linda said...

Hi Happy Fam!! Como es tas amiga?? We are all doing fine. Chels, Kev and Jack are on their first east coast trip: NYC, MA & VT, and will be back next Tuesday. Former student Becky (you met her at M.) is here with me and we have been painting and telling stories. SO glad you had a Happy Easter! We colored eggs with Jack and then I made us a special Easter brunch. Call SOON!!