Sunday, October 09, 2011


My latest kick is quilting. I've been obsessed with making quilt blocks during the past three weeks. I went to the first meeting of a new quilting group made up of moms from mom's club. We decided to work on a sampler doing on block per month this year. I got carried away and made 9 blocks so far for that project. Mark got excited about the idea too and he and I made our first 8 blocks of a joint venture. see photos:

I hope I can maintain my enthusiasm to see both these quilts to completion. I am nervous about the sashing and quilting and binding. One thing I am noticing is that the more you sew the more you learn and it doesn't take long to gain new sewing skills. The last two blocks I made for are much more sophisticated that the first 7. I wouldn't even have attempted them a few weeks ago. I'm gaining more confidence day by day and am hoping this will seep into other areas of my life. Except for the dining room table and chairs which are covered in fabric, I am actually maintaining more discipline in the are of tidying and cleaning the house. (Of course it helped that I had a babysitter Thrs morning for 4 hours and Mark took the girls on various adventures yesterday.)


Jen said...

Ooooo! Quilts! I still love and treasure the quilt my mom and her friends made for me when I was a girl. Homemade quilts are awesome.

Nanna said...

I love quilting because it is not just a project to complete, but it is a creative outlet. It is practical beauty. It is an orderly process, and I think it does encourage orderliness in our environment. I really appreciate you sharing your quilting adventures with us, Jen (& Mark!). You inspire me! We read your blog on Monday, our Canadian Thanksgiving Day. Kathryn spent the day with us and she enjoyed seeing your quilting projects too. I'm mentally designing my next quilt.