Wednesday, November 05, 2008

week 2

Well, it certainly is busy with two little ones. Also, I moved my pump away from the computer and am pumping less, hence the lack of blog posts.
Emily seems to be gaining weight steadily now. She is 2390 grams (5 pounds 4 ounces). She in nursing really well. She tends to get tired and hungry in the late afternoon or early evening so we give her a "catch up" feeding by bottle. Her hemoglobin is up a bit--now at 11. It had dropped as low as 8.6 in the NICU and was at 10 when she came home. They doubled her dose of iron supplement which should help to increase hemoglobin over time. Last night Emily slept 3 hour stretches and Claire only woke up once at 10pm so we all rested better than usual.
It has been great having my mom here. Claire adores her and is having a good time. the three of us made scones on Monday. Today Nanu took her for a walk to the park while I cooked lunch. I am expecting a delivery of organic produce today from Yay. This is the first time I've used this particular service.


Anonymous said...

Hello from one of your adoring fans! So glad to hear things are going well with the girls. I know how great it is to have Nanu there to help. God bless you, Judy! Much love and continued prayers, Nanna

LINDA said...

This sounds more like it!! Thank god for moms, huh?? It's nice to hear Miss Claire's psyche is relaxing a bit during dark hours! :) We looked up paradiseo......very interesting. Couldn't see where they were actually located. Hope you're all getting some rest. Regards to your mum. xoxo Linda

Linda said...

Oh my goodness.........I can only hope that no news is good news. I love the picture of Miss Claire holding Emily (now look at that picture, is that imp or elf??)! Tillie leaves for school on Friday, and Hank is having 2 guests over while she's gone. Let me know when you're ready to journey to the little cabin in the mountains!!
xoxo L

linda said...

OMYGOODNESS!!!!!!! This blog has become part of my routine.... THAT means I AM going to have to find a stable place for the cellphone and CALL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tillie is now at school, and Hank has the two buddies over. Hope you, MArk, and the girls are WONDERFUL!!!!!