Wednesday, April 08, 2009

NICU follow up

Emily's NICU follow up today went really well. Emily weighs 11 lbs 3 oz. The Doctor, nurse and therapist who assessed her all think she looks great. (Albeit small for her age.) Her adjusted age will be 6 months in one week since her due date was Oct 15. The therapist said that she is doing everything she should be at this age. I was a bit worried because she isn't sitting on her own or rolling from back to tummy but she said in a month from now she should be doing these things.

Emily napped really well today. She had two 90 minute naps and she went to sleep really easily tonight.

Claire helped me make zucchini muffins for her dad during Emily's morning nap. She also "helped" wash dishes and had a "good old, old time"

Earlier in the morning she had a reaction to something she ate (A pastry item from the Mexican bakery which we later deduced must've had egg in it.) She lost the entire contents of her stomach but felt much better afterwards and was fine the rest of the day.

we heard much more babbling today from Emily.



Katie Jones said...

Wow, what a sweet little voice. I wonder if she and Luke would babble to one another. They seem to speak the same language.

Linda said...

Moms, I'm pretty sure that is sophisticated story telling, not babbling.........I am so surprised at you sometimes.............(it's right up there with the vacuum man demonstrating in my front room)...
xoxoxo Love, Linda

Azreada said...

Wow I thought I heard Da Da! Can it be?
Congratulations on a good NICU you visit.

Nanna said...

Yes, that was a definite dadda. I think there were mama sounds on the fliker videos too. I really sense this this girl has a lot to say and really wants to converse. Thank you God for a good NICU follow up! Those zucchini muffins sound yummy, Claire! Much love to you all, Nanna

Azreada said...

The best thing about videos of the granddaughters is that we can play them over and over again and smile and send good vibes to you while we are watching them.

Linda said...

See if you can view Jack's album w/o a password!