Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Since we are having sweltering summer weather here, Emily is learning to sleep without being swaddled. I end up swaddling her around 5:00 am so that she will go back to sleep, otherwise she seems to think it's time to get up.
Claire has slept all night long the past several nights! Whew! We are helping her to learn to go to sleep without one of us in the room with her.


Nanna said...

I always check the LA weather in the Oklahoman, and I saw that it was 100 the other day and 97 yesterday! Whew! You've got us beat. But your temp is supposed to drop to the 70's today and tomorrow. That's the range we've had this week. Yeah for good sleeps for the girls. Love, Nanna

Azreada said...

I hope you are weathering the weather okay. Maybe it is time for another Jim visit to install the AC. It is in the 80's here today. A far cry from our 50-60 degree weather last week. The iris are finally beginning to bloom. I am so excited!!