Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Borders Express

Claire and I went to the Borders Express near us. It was my first time going there and I was impressed with the selection considering the small size of the store. Unfortunately, Claire was not impressed and I forgot her after selecting a few books for her cousin Andrew's birthday present, I set them down and went back to the car to get the pacifier. On the way Claire fell asleep in the sling so the passifier became unnecessary. I thought about changing her diaper while at the car but opted not to. Ten minutes later when I patted Claire's bum, I wished I had. Moisture from the diaper has soaked through to the sling. UGH! Oh well. I forgot I was trying something experimental. I had used a small cloth diaper inside the gdiapers cover. The cloth diaper was not absorbant enough for the length of time I had it on her. Oops.


Nanu said...

Trial and error teaches us a lot. I hope the sling washed up nicely. See you Friday.

Jason Graham-Nye said...

Jason (one of the founders here) from gDiapers.
Sorry for the substandard experience. We have an office full of folks here who can help you out. Give us a call if you'd like on 503 546 4666. Kelli is your best bet. My wife (the other found, and real boss!) is pretty good too but on the road.


dad/ CEO