Tuesday, September 12, 2006


In spite of a rough night we had a good day. We practiced nursing 4 or 5 times with and without the SNS. Each time is seemed to get easier. We took a field trip to Echo Park and I walked around the lake with Claire in the Kangaroo Pouch. I took photos of the Lotus. (This is something I like to do each year when they are in bloom.) An artist who was there painting took our picture. After the park I switched to Mark's sling (In order to work diffrent back muscles) and walked to the Downbeat cafe and got a decaf mocha over ice. Yum!

Tonight has been a much better night. I went to bed at 9:30. Pumped when Claire woke up at 11, then slept till 2:30. I only remember hearing her and Mark stir once in that time. Simce I put Claire down to pump I haven't hear her stir. With any luck, I'll be asleep again by 4am.


Nanu said...

I hope you post some photos of the lotus. I'll bet Claire enjoyed her outing.

Dad is making a new pond and while cleaning out the old one, he found the remains of lotus tubers that had not survived but were still languishing at the bottom of the pond. I think he has given up on trying to grow lotus, but he still loves their gorgeous bloom.

Anonymous said...

Whew! I just read the last 3 entries. The adventures of Claire and her mommy and daddy are getting better and better. I thought Mark was writing the entry for 9-11 until I got to the part about the nipple shield. Nanu is so right, this will all be a distant memory before you know it. We are so glad you are journaling these precious experiences, not just for us but for yourselves.
Looking forward to seeing those sweet little eyelashes, love,
Nanna Pennie

Nina said...

Dear Ones,
These hard times will go by the way sooner than you will know.Thank you for sharing your dear family with us. I check your site a least once a day, and I know how to pray. Part of our suffering is offer up for your beautiful baby Claire. You all are so important to our church family.