Wednesday, September 20, 2006


We have recieved a number of lovely handmade gifts for Claire. As someone who enjoys making gifts for my loved ones, I really appreciate the time and effort and creativity that has gone into each one. I was thinking about this after snuggling with Claire under an Afghan that one of Nanna Pennie's customers made for Claire. The first handmade gift she recieved was a flannel patchwork quilt from Nanu. She enjoyed looking up at this in the NICU where it covered her isolette to block the glare of florescent lights. Now we use it for tummy time.
We also recieved a beautiful baby/lap quilt from her great-grandmother which matches the quilt we have on our queen sized bed. This is currently at the foot of the twin bed in the nursery. We received another beautiful afghan from a dear friend of the family in New Mexico. You may have noticed some hand knit hats in recent pictures on Flickr which a friend in Washington made. Claire wears these all the time now. Claire also recieved a hand knit sweater from one of Nanna's friend's in Lompoc. It shouldn't be long before she has grown into it.

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