Sunday, November 26, 2006

Catch Up Blog

I'm blogging again since I hadn't written for a while.
Some highlights from our trip include Stopping off in Santa Barbara and taking a walk with Mark's dad. It was fun to see his landscaping project and great to hear that since his back operation (the week after Claire was born) he is feeling great and able to do the things he likes to do again. Wednesday evening we arrived at Mark's mom's house as she was arriving from the tea shop. We had one of Mark's favorite meals, Hamburger Stroganoff. Nanna agreed to take care of the baby during the mnight so we could get some much needed rest. Hurray! I got up pump at midnight and 3:30 because I woke up at these times. Speaking of pumping, there was always some one else to watch the baby while I pumped, so I got to read magazines and/or nap while pumping. Yay! We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with the addition of brussels sprouts and a twist on the sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes...they were served together both mashed with carmelized onions on top and swirled so that it was marbeled. It was delish! (My grandmother won't believe I just said that!) Friday we had second breakfast at the tea shop...quiche Lorraine. We took a walk and read and relaxed then had dessert and tea at the shop in the late afternoon. Claire fell asleep in my arms and I sat and read.

Another highlight especially for Mark was that we got to see his dad's bio diesel lab. It was quite impressive. He has a coop of about 8 people that he provides fuel for.
I need to log out cuz I have a neck ache.


Nanu said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful. Thanks for the details. I am so glad you got to relax and have help caring for Claire.

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed both of your blog updates reminding us what an absolute joy it was to have you three with us for three days!! Claire has a very sweet personality and we were amazed at her contentment and the competance of her two parents. Judy and Stan are the lucky ones for Christmas! Love and hugs, Nanna Pennie Enjoyed hearing about Claire's cousins too!!