Thursday, November 16, 2006

new photos

future reader I just posted a few November photos on Flickr.

On Monday, Claire's doctor gave us some free samples of Aquaphor and suggested patting her dry after her bath and slathering it on. I did this at noon today and her skin feels much better! Hurray. She feels like a baby should instead of having leathery arms and legs. She still has a little rash under the chin and behind the knees. Her ankles are looking much better.

I put in an order to today and got free delivery with the coupon they sent. I wish Trader Joes had delivery. I think I might have some organic produce delivered after Thanksgiving. I was researching local businesses that do this and provide locally grown produce and found a few. It looks like it'll cost about $30 per shipment.


Nanu said...

You have made my day!!! It's always good to have another bookworm in the family.
Thanks for posting more photos. It is amazing how big she looks in the photos where she is wearing red and how small Claire looks in her Dad's hands.

Anonymous said...

I like Nanu's comment on the little "bookworm, but it made me think of a "Book"worm. Chuckle.
Couldn't help noticing how Claire's little hand that's grasping her daddy's finger has grown so much since her newborn photos. That would be a neat series to document: Claire and Mark's hands over the months and years. Love the red, Nanna Pennie