Thursday, February 05, 2009

artistic exploits

The first Music class was a hit with both Emily and Claire today. Claire loved playing the drums and other instruments and dancing and acting out the songs. Emily got to play a drum too with my help and was mesmerized by the whole experience. Claire pretended to swim like a fish during one song.

Claire did her first representational drawing today. She said she was going to draw David (From the book No, David by David Shannon) She drew a circle and said, "This is David's head. His head is a circle."


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Another artist is the family!!
Papa will be so proud.
Love, Nanu

Nanna said...

How wonderful, to explore life through music! Claire has a great imagination, so I can just see her really getting in to it. And how fun for little sister Emily to participate. What joy you give us in sharing these experiences! Claire, your picture of David's head (I remember reading the David books several times with her) is so good. Papa Stan must be proud, and Auntie Jill too. Love to you all! Nanna