Thursday, February 26, 2009

Back to lacking sleep

When your 8 hours of sleep is interrupted 5 or 6 times it ceases to be very restful or satisfying. Claire has been waking up once or twice per night during the past two weeks. I finally figured out that part of the problem is thirst. We put the humidifier in her room and set out a cup of water for her. We'll see if this helps. Last night she was crying like a banshee for milk but I gave her water and she settled down fairly quickly after even though she still asked for milk. (We haven't given her milk during the night for months.)

I was on a very short fuse when Claire only took a 30 minute nap and prevented me from taking one. She was cranky the rest of the afternoon and evening and threw several tantrums. I felt like getting out the duct tape and.... well restraining her. Of course she did get a very long "energy drain" time alone in her crib.

On the positive side Emily took a 90 minute nap this morning. She usually takes a 40 minute nap at that time so I was very happy that she slept so well.

Music class was canceled today so I pushed Claire to the park on her tricycle. She doesn't know how to steer yet so this was a challenge especially with Emily in the sling. I don't think we'll do this again until she can steer.


Linda said...

You are just room-a-zoom with these entries. I LOVE the photos you are using. They look fabulous. AND I DO remember thinking duct tape had various uses at one time in my life.... I once thought a while ago, "Maybe I SHOULD'VE beaten Alex once in a while...." I'm kidding, of course (because we must), but it can get frustrating. He was A BEAR for hair washing. I had to build up a head of steam before I had enough energy to take it on. Truly a monster boy. Now, of course, he Mr. Tidy and dresses in a sports jacket every day. Chelsea just said, "Does Alex dress normal any more, mom?" And I said, "Hush, he's a young man now. There's nothing wrong with him looking nice every day." So remember, when she's 16, she may want to close her door, put in her ear buds and tune you out for a coupla hours and wonder why you want to chat!! It goes fast, as you know. xoxoxoL

Linda said...

PS I really don't want to picture you steering a loaded trike while hauling a baby in a baby wearing device again,'s just too much. (kinda like vacuuming my front room.......) :) L

Elisabeth said...

Oh my....dearest dearest Claire please do sleep for the night for mommy and daddy!.

I caught a cold, and it has made me to think of you guys even more, as you deal with the ups and downs of parenting.

we will keep praying for our dear little Claire and Hudson clan, Elisa