Monday, February 23, 2009

Emily laughs

Emily laughed a lot today. She has an unpredictable sense of humor. I never know what she will find funny. She laughed at Claire and I several times today. Once was when I has holding Emily and reading Dr. Seuss aloud to Claire who was laying on her bed.

Emily has started splashing in the bath. She really seemed to have fun today.

After we read her a book and then put it down she often cries. I think it's because she wants to read it again. She really seems to enjoy looking at books and patting the pages.

All our problems with riding in the car are not over yet. She cried most of the way home from music class on Thursday. She did well on the weekend when I was in the backseat to soothe her while Mark drove. One thing that helps is the pacifier. She doesn't seem to need it any other time except in the car.

We got new boots with arch support for Claire and it's helping her walking. The Physical therapist was amazed at how quickly they started helping.


Linda said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH. I love this little Emily picture. YAY for Claire's boots!! Will she be wearing them to the hills Wednesday? Are they good boots for shoveling manure and walking in the mud??? :) Chelsea's godmother just sent her a book for me to give to her called "Goodnight Vermont." What a riot. I think we'll be shopping for ANOTHER Goodnight Moon book!! Send me a text for est. time of arrival......I am free until 3 pm.
xoxoxo Linda

Ma Torg said...

Okay,this is totally random. But I read somewhere just recently that hard water can aggravate excema. I thought of your struggles with Claire. I don't know how you might even see if this was a problem (unless you already have it), but thought you might want to look into.

Nanna said...

So happy Emily is becoming a book lover. Many happy reads to you, Em! Glad the new boots are working well for Claire. We loved the new photo of Emily; what a beauty! Poppa and I found some really neat children's books at the Friends of the Library annual book sale last weekend. To save or send is the question. We'll see. Love to all! Nanna