Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Horsey visit

Claire is all better. We went to visit Linda and her horses (And big cat Pepito). We all had a good time and I enjoyed the Chicken soup and muffins. Claire had great fun playing with Linda's collection of multicultural dollies. I drove around for an extra half hour once we got back to this side of town because both girls were sleeping.
I am very behind in my chores since we were out today. Claire did do her quiet time this morning and easily sat for 14 mins. Sometimes she requests a second quiet time in the afternoon. Thank you God!

Claire photo is from Linda's camera from her visit to our house a couple weeks ago.
Claire had really enjoyed playing dress up lately.


Azreada said...

What a fun girls day out!! Maybe you can enlist some help from hubby to get back on track on the household chore side. The photos of the girls these last couple days are so delightful! Thanks for posting them.

Linda said...

WOOHOO! AND WOE WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! I love this Claire shot......a few I had to light correct because I forgot the flash and when I do that they tend to look grainy. Time to read that big book that comes with the NEW camera.........hmmmm. I think next time, we arrange good weather and play horses and walk to the toddler park (or better yet, I'll push/pull claire in the stroller/wagon and you can skip with the baby sling). xoxoxo L

Nanna said...

Thanks for all the newsy notes, and we truly love the photos! It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with Linda. Love, Nanna