Friday, February 27, 2009


Claire didn't wake up till 5 am this morning. (Emily was already awake) We somehow got back into patting Claire to sleep. Tonight Mark got her to sleep with no patting. Whew! Hopefully she'll sleep all night long. Emily has been wide awake and kicking and flailing from about 4:30-6:00 am several times this week. (She gets out of her swaddling.) It is very hard to follow my schedule under these circumstances. I've scrapped most of the schedule most of the week! I constantly want to turn to chocolate for comfort. (I'm trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with fruit.)
I'm looking forward to Lent. Hopefully I will be able to turn over a new leaf. (Get up on time, eat right, do the things in my mother's rule.)

I took Emily to the pediatrician today. The Dr said she looks great. Her hemoglobin is well within the normal range so she doesn't need her iron supplement anymore. She weighs 10 lbs.

I had fun reading Torgusborg and Making Room blogs the past few days. I like the clock idea (pie graph) since our schedule is very loose and based more on doing certain activities and not about doing them at a set time.

Jen's Veggie Combo
finely chopped
green onion
stirfry in oil.
add ginger paste or garlic paste.
other spices may include cumin, paprika, cardamom.

I have used this as filling for empanadas, veggie pot pies, salmon wraps. Mark added it to lentils and rice with balsamic dressing. It is very versatile and tasty.


Linda said...

SO glad Em's dr appt went well! I admire your flair for new foods (and how you whip those eggless muffins together)! I have found that I feel healthier when I don't have any meat (not even our chicken soup....I mentioned this, huh?). I need new ideas for making veggies seem like a treat...... (AND you never told me about chocolate for comfort......hmmmmmm) :) Time to feed ponies and go to bed. Love to Farmer Brown and the rest of the gang. nitey nite xoxo L

Nanna said...

What a beautiful photo of the sweet sisters sharing a book. Thank you for sharing you life with us through your blog! Yes, Lent is a good thing for helping to re- focus priorities. Our prayers are with you all for the sleeps. Love your veggie combo idea. I've collected ingredients for Mulligatawny Soup- lots of veggies, apple, lemon juice and spices. I'll send the recipe. It's chicken based. Love and hugs and kisses, Nanna

Katie Jones said...

I am looking forward to Lent also. I have gotten really undisciplined since Luke has become more manageable. Thanks for the recipe post too. I always love the veggie inspiration!

Anonymous said...

hi there, just stumbled upon your blog, and had just seen something similar a little while ago about a baby that was getting out of his swaddling too, and they had got a sleep sack called a Peke Moe to transition from swaddling.. thought I'd give the link to you ... you have lovely children.