Monday, March 02, 2009


Claire: I just want to go into the water with Mommy.
Jen: Mommy isn't going into the water today.

Claire is making more and more complex sentences these days. It is not uncommon for her to use 8-10 words in a row. She is also beginning to understand sequence and storytelling. The other day she recounted the tale of Goldilocks to me with promptings. It went something like this:

Claire: Goldilocks went to the bears' house.
Me: Then what happened?
Claire: Goldilocks ate all the porridge.
Me: Then what?
Claire: Goldilocks went upstairs and went to sleep.
Me: Then what?
Claire: She woke up and jumped out the window.
Me: What happened next?
Claire: Goldilocks ran home.
Me: Did she ever go the bears' house again?
Claire: She didn't want to go back.

Claire has another cold.UGH! She is desperate to go to the park but I want to wait till she isn't contagious.

Emily is developing so sweetly. I just love her long eyelashes and her smooth skin and her cute little legs. I like the way she babbles to entertain herself while I'm making and eating breakfast. I love the way she stares up at me so lovingly. I love watching her nurse and watching her sleep (and cuddling with her.) Emily is such a blessing. I am grateful for her. (Photo courtesy of Linda Illuminardi)

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Nanna said...

Thanks for letting us in on conversations with Claire. We can almost hear her speak as we're reading. Claire's letter to us arrived in yesterday's mail! What a treat. The outline of her hand and the photos are now on our frig. Poppa loved the drawing of the airplane. He said the reason she drew it so small is because that's the size they look to her up in the sky. The pic of Em is so sweet. What a joy! Love to all, Nanna