Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Peanut butter & chocolate (or carob)

The Blosxom dude raelity bytes gets it, and theorizes why more people don't get it. (It being "the wiki way" I keep yammering about.)

I'm ever surprised by austensibly well-wired folk who know not of TheWikiWay ... lamenting the limited visibility Wikis have outside of its quietly growing circle devotees. Perhaps it's all those SillyWikiNames. Perhaps the wacky seemingly-unstructured openness of it all offers more freedom than seems possible. ...perplexing ... how little crossover there appears to be between the Wiki and Weblog worlds. In my mind, they're like peanut butter and chocolate. Yet reactions to this not-particularly-bold assertion suggest something more along the lines of broccoli and jello.
Then he says kind words about the Weblog PikiePlugin which allows one to "Plop a Weblog into an arbitrary Wiki page simply by including a WebLog macro in the text."

But I want to do the inverse/convers/reverse/complement: that is, I want all my 'blog pages to be "wiki-enabled"--that is be easily hyperlinked to each other (WikiWords) and easily formatted with a simpler-than-html pseudo-markup. Where by pseudo-markup, I mean something that is intuitively easy to learn, and readable as plaintext/source.

Addendum 3-14-2005:

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Friday, February 18, 2005

other blogging folk (people I know)

Other Bloggers:

Other news:
  • MTA line 304 got in a wreck earlier, so delayed then gave us day passes and dropped us off at FairFax. raining. got wet.
    (you call this news?)
  • I won at Settlers of Catan last night. Fun game. Must remember to thank Grandma for gifting it to me at Christmas
  • Wednesday I got my modified UseModWiki engine running on my FreeShell account. I am a geek. See me geekin' hard here:

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

manglement in Minima template

hrm, found an un-matched >/div> tag in the Minima template at