Tuesday, March 08, 2005

oops, I did it again

Boy I must seem lame. Literally gimpy.
I fell stepping off the curb at a bus stop.
Must learn to look where I am going. Was holding my backpack carelessly in front of me, so I didn't have a clear view of my feet. Stepped off with me left and down into a pothole. Feeling my ankle turn, I went limp to avoid a sprained ankle. (I hate sprained ankles; had 2 as a kid and 1 in college.)

I kind fell on top of my backpack, twisting my right hip (since my right leg was still up on the curb when I fell.) No blood this time: small consolation as I hobbled back to the bench in a daze. This was the same right hip I hurt just last week, so now I am extra hurty.

The power of my bus pass manifested itself by easing my pain a bit after my erstwhile final bus. It allowed me to take a short ride saving me 2 blocks of walking. Normally I walk this and exult in the exercise, but it was nice to take it easy since I was so tender.

Thankfully my wonderful wife patched me up when I got home.
A hot bath followed by icing the hip, then a good nights sleep and I was able to walk fine the next morning.

P.S. Don't worry, I don't thing there's anything really wrong with me. Just a little absent-minded/careless.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

oops, I'm bleeding

Bought a skateboard at www.ripcity.net yesterday and promptly crashed riding it away from the shop.

My first thought as I slammed into the pavement was, "landing on my elbow isn't good--I hope I don't break my arm: won't be able to type--don't have any time off accrued."

My next thought was, "why can't I see out of my right eye, and what is that warm wet feeling on my face?"

As I hobbled (carrying the board now) away from the crash site, I pondered: Which is more stupid?

1. buying a skateboard when I am in my mid-30's and haven't skated for over 10 year?
2. not wearing protective hear while riding?
3. eating a hamburger while riding?

Anyway, I am thankful it wasn't any worse. After scraping the sandwich contents off my face, I could see fine. The missing skin on my elbow is about the size of a quarter, and it mostly doesn't hurt any more. I pulled something in my leg, so I can't run, but I seem to be able to walk for now.

My original intent in getting a skateboard was to help me move faster between bus stops. Although, as my wife pointed out today, my bus riding adventures haven't started saving us any money yet, since we still are making lease payments on the car sitting in the driveway while I'm out riding.

So I am just "practicing saving money" while not in actuality saving anything. Hrm, I feel so frugal and martyrific that it seems justifiable to splurge a bit on some treat like a skateboard. (My wife was consterned that it cost over $100.)

Reality bit me. On the elbow this time.