Monday, October 29, 2007

practicing cleaning the mess

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Claire has had this new trick for awhile where she pretends to wash the floor. It is sometimes triggered by her finding a cloth or small blanket on the floor, or sometimes she spontaneously bends down and scrubs the deck empty-handed. But recently, she started saying "mess" as she does this. So now we can say, "mess" and she will get down. Jen also tells me that when she read a book to Claire with a picture of a baby reaching down, then Claire said, "mess!" Call me a proud parent, but doesn't that seem smart? We eventually took a video of this:

bonus pic of Mark in 1997

Friday, October 05, 2007

proxy post

This, from Claire's grandma:

"As you know, J and M are sitting around eating bons bons, growing fat and sassy and totally ignoring their young charge, so I have decided to let you know what is happening at their residence.

Claire is adding new words at a clip of about 5 per week. Here is the list as we have it recorded:
Mama, Dad, Dada, Nana, Papa, Baby, doggie, hat, cat, up, out, bye bye, hi, bite, no, pat, teeth, toe, kiss, go, page, down, keys, pee, poop, feet, beep. The words she uses most often are teeth, up, doggie, no, pee, pat, bite. She says Mama, Mama, Mama when she is very upset with the way things are going.

Today the physical therapist and occupational therapist visited. They are both pleased with her progress. She is ahead of her age group with her speech. Today she was working on climbing from the floor to a stool to the rocking chair while I was holding her hands. She did this over and over again. Every time she completed the task she beamed, laughed and looked so proud of herself.

She has not been too happy this week due to discomfort from teething, but today she felt much better and her itchiness was also better. Jen took her on 2 walks today, a brief one this morning before the first therapist visit and a longer one this afternoon in the stroller. Claire enjoyed both outings and of course charmed many along the way.

She is eating solid food a little better the past several days. J bought a size 4 t-shirt to use as a bib and then let Claire help feed herself. This can be a messy proposition, but at least she is getting some extra nutrition and is showing a little more interest in food.

Nanu was cleaning the alphabet mats on the floor the other afternoon, down on her hands and knees, scrubbing and Claire decided to mimic her. She took both of Nanu's hands, then bent over, and held on with one hand and scrubbed the mat with the other. She has done this repeatedly since Sunday afternoon. We thought she was showing early signs of being interested in dentistry as she is fascinated with teeth, but it may be that the house cleaning arts are also near and dear to her heart. Only time will tell. In the mean time, she keeps us all delighted and entertained."