Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not your average wish list

This is not a list of things I want but instead a list of things I want to get done around here.

Not in any particular order
1. Paint my bathroom
2. clear off the top of the dryer
3. declutter every room of the house
4. do regular meal planning
5. organize the den
6. finish stripping living room floor
7. get craft items out of entryway
8. Install dining room light/fan.
9. train the girls to wash up breakfast dishes  and sort and put away their laundry daily.
10. eat or juice more of what grows in my garden
11. Create a place to entertain in the back yard
12. Get caught up on mending
13 finish a quilt or two
14. Patch holes in walls in various rooms of the house
15. frame and hang some children's artwork
16. clean off front porch
17 finish planing for homeschool year
18 organize and cull in attic