Monday, April 30, 2007

learning to use a spoon

Claire is practicing using a spoon. She actually got some cereal in her mouth
more photos on Flikr.

We had a bad night, a difficult morning but so far a good afternoon.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

a week of firsts

Check out the new photos on Flikr.sitting up

Claire learned to sit on her own this week. Her longest stint of sitting unsupported was 12 minutes.
She gnawed on her first celery stick.
She tried out a sippy cup for the first time.
She spend a few seconds in crawling position.

Other news:
Claire enjoyed spending time with both Nanu Book and Grandpa Hudson who were here helping us. (We are grateful for all their help!!)
Mark starts a new job tomorrow.
Claire goes to the pediatric dermatoligist Wed. regarding her itchy, dry skin.
On thurs Claire will be assessed by an Ocupational Therapist to determine if she could benefit from OT.
I am down to pumping 3X per day.

Congrats to Father Stephen Herney who is now officially our head pastor. God grant you many more joy filled years at St. Michael Church.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

a day with Mr. Mom

This week of time off between jobs has been a real joy for me to be able to spend more time with Claire. I still admire how Jen does it all so well and with such good cheer. Today was a great day in many respects. I took a walk with the baby in the new Ergo carrier during which she fell asleep. She is holding her bottle more and more by herself. Look, Ma! One hand!
happy girl took big feed
And she took a nice long nap, giving me time to assemble and install a kitchen cabinet and Mom time to go shopping. Then, when she woke up, she played happily, and took a big feed.
P.S. The emu oil arrived tonight and we tried it right after the bath. Here's hoping (and praying.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

health and travels

I had ups and downs all week with the mastitis and related issues but am finally back to normal. Thanks be to God.

We took a little road trip to Lompoc/Buelton/SantaBarbara and visited with Claire's grandparents and aunt, uncle and cousins. It was really nice to get away and to have some assistance in caring for Claire. We always enjoy spending time with family. Our trip didn't turn out exactly the way we'd planned it since I wasn't feeling well Friday and Saturday, thankfully everyone was flexible and graciously accomodated our needs. Claire is getting more and more interactive and has a good time studying faces and smiling at and batting at whoever is holding her.

Her skin has been severely itchy for weeks now and it has been affecting all of our sleep and stressing us all out... as of yesterday, Claire is taking oral meds again and it seems to already be helping with the itchiness.

I gotta run... I told myself I'd be in bed by 9pm.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Please pray for Jen

Jen had been struggling all week with some painful cracking and inflammation that pumping milk for the baby only made worse. Unfortunately it turned into a full-fledged infection Friday night, and she got very little sleep due to the discomfort which includes swollen lymph nodes. All day Saturday I have been on full-time baby duty as well as playing nurse. Thankfully we were able to contact the doctor and get a prescription called into the pharmacy for antibiotics.

Claire has been on her best behavior. Still a handful. :) I'm so proud of Claire with her progress in being able to sit up, and she also likes to "stand" if you hold her steady. I tried to take a picture, but only succeeded in letting her bump her head on the crib railing. Guess I better wait until Mom is well enough to assist.

I'm looking forward to celebrating Pascha in the morning, and hopefully Jen will have recovered enough to join us.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I got a most welcome 3 hour stint of sleep early this morning. I also got three naps today so I'm feeling more like myself.

Claire's new tooth is sharp! She was having fun chewing the spoon as I fed her cereal this evening.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

200 percent

It is taking abour 200% of my time and energy caring for Claire lately...hence the lack of blogging. She is still extremely itchy, not sleeping well and teething. Her first tooth broke through the gum Sunday night. I haven't slept any stints longer than two hours in about two weeks. I try to nap frequently but seem to have insomnia. Claire continues to take short 30-40 minute naps.

I purchased the ergo carrier online today. Our slings are of limited use now that Claire is a bit heavier (13lbs 11 oz as of today). This carrier is supposed to be great for kids up to 40 lbs.

I continue to pump milk but only 4 times in 24 hours which is much more manageable than my former schedule of 8 times a day.

Claire is doing a great job with rolling... front, back, and side. She loves playing on the exercise ball and will roll from front to back as I hold her on the ball.

We went to the cardiologist today and he says things look the same and that she doesn't need to come back till August.