Thursday, September 27, 2007

take your daughter to work

Last week Jen brought Claire up to my work to take me out for a birthday lunch.
I couldn't resist showing Claire off to my co-workers. She was dressed up in some jeans with pink ruffles on the cuffs, and matching pink corduroy jacket. Of course everyone in the office smiled at her and duly acknowledged her cuteness. Then we went to lunch and Claire happily munched on her book, and a spoon.

For you fathers out there, I recommend taking your daughter to work. It gives warm fuzzies.

We do have pictures of Claire in the outfit. Soon to be posted.

Friday, September 14, 2007

New game

Claire invented a new game. She sits on my lap or stomach and then she puts my hands on her face or head and I pull her close for a kiss on the forehead and give her cheeks a little tickle and she laughs and we do it over an over again. So sweet!

Claire is now 16 lbs! She got one immunization shot at her 15 month check-up yesterday. The Dr. wants her to get the anti RSV series of shots again this year. But later we found out that insurance won't pay for it. Just as well since the shots upset the baby.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Smart baby

Today I asked Claire what sound a doggie makes and she said, "woof, woof" then I asked what sound a cat makes and she said, "meow, meow." Boy was I impressed.
I think I forgot to mention in the blog that Claire is cruising as of about two weeks ago. tha means she can walk holding on to furniture, walls, hands etc.
We had a good visit with grandpa Hudson who helped us in the backyard and babysitting Claire during my Chiropractor visit. (My back and neck have been bothering me a lot lately.)

Monday, September 03, 2007

more new words

Claire is learning some verbs now. She says, "bite" and "pat." She also says "night-night" and "bath." It is so much fun communicating with her and seeing her rapidly expanding vocabulary!
We enjoyed an impromptu visit to Lompoc to escape the heat. It's been 100 degrees in LA. It was 92 degrees in our dining room when we got home! We have the on today.