Monday, January 21, 2008

gave up on quick wean

We gave up on the fast track weaning. Claire was really distraught after that first night. I was afraid she was so upset that she was going to go on longterm strike from eating food and drinking from the sippy cup. Well she is eating like a champ since we realized that she has been taking way too much formula and started limiting her formula intake. She has been eating soy yogurt which seems to be a current favorite along with pureed pears with pineapple or blueberry. I've started mixing in pureed veggies and black beans or rice-protein powder and flax oil to the foods she likes and she doesn't seem to mind. She is still interested in exploring other crunchier foods but doesn't consume much. Claire is not interested in trying the sippy cup about 9 times of the last 10 that it was offered to her. Hopefully she will warm up to it.

Friday, January 18, 2008

1st night on weaning plan

The night was a bit rough but not as bad as I feared. She reluctantly took a bottle of water at 11ish and was upset and cried for a while then woke up again at 12:30. This time the soothing was more difficult and Mark had a crack at it too. Then she slept soundly till 3 and I slept next to her and soothed her by humming and holding close any time she stirred.
Today has been difficult. She is refusing the cup, glass and most food. She has had some water from the bottle and a little food, part of which she spit up. I called the new pediatrician and spoke to the nurse practitioner who consulted with the doc who said stay the course and come back Monday if she doesn't start eating again. He also said not to continue with the tummy meds we had been giving her. This is rough. They also said try to be really positive and give her lots of chances to try the foods she likes and the cup.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yesterday we began weaning Claire from the bottle. During the past 8 months Claire has repeatedly relapsed into refusing solid food and only wanting the bottle. Her new pediatrician whom we visited yesterday said it's time to get rid of the bottle. He suggested only offering water in the bottle and milk in a cup. We did this until bedtime yesterday. I gave her the regular bedtime bottle and tried to give her a bottle of water when she woke up three hours later...that didn't go over well...
Anyway, the food consumption is up today and we adding flax seed oil to her food-this is both for extra calories and to help her itchy skin. Today she wasn't too keen on the spoon but enjoyed sipping her puree from a little cup/dish. She did better with the sippy cup today. We've been offering the sippy cup and or drinks from a regular glass for months, but she never seemed very keen on drinking formula from a cup.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

having fun with new drum

Check out our little drummer girl.

Yesterday in the bath Claire washed her knees and tummy with her washcloth then spent about 5 minutes washing her rubber duck. So Cute!

We had a field trip to the beach Sunday afternoon. It was balmy weather so we let Claire get her feet wet. She loved it! Pictures on Flickr.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New video of Claire Walking. Click on underlined link above. She can take over 20 steps on her own now! very exciting!
We are enjoying our week in Arizona with my family. Be back tomorrow.