Saturday, March 25, 2006


SoCalGamesDay 25 mega-session:

-n- Ticket to Ride Europe
-n- Oasis
-n- Dragon Delta
-o- Railroad Tycoon
-n- St. Petersburg
-o- Straw
-o- Settlers of New Catan
-o- Rheinländer
-n- Doge

This was my first time attending and I had a good time and enjoyed the crew. No stand-out new games this time, but got to play a couple of my favorites. (-n- = new and -o- = old --not all the old games I played were faves.)

The last 2 games were actually played after closing at the house of someone who lived near by.

Note for the future: bring plenty of snacks & drinks since the concession stand was lightly stocked. Dress in layers since the temperature can fluctuate.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

house parking

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I like Urban Exploration, even though I have not dedicated much time to it.

See also

see also
for more urban architecture (and a pointer to Arcosanti).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

muzak on the bus

The ONLY way to listen to music on the bus is with "isolation" headphones, or noise-canceling headphones.

Now, on to content: This morning after finishing up an audio book, my iPod Shuffle played these:
Mamy Blue -- Julio Iglesias (1994)
Boom Boom Ba -- Metisse (2000)
Desert Rose -- Sting (1999)
The Highwayman -- Loreena McKennitt (1997)
Wizards in Winter -- Trans-Siberian Orchestra (2004)

I listened to the rest of Loreena's The Book of Secrets the rest of the way to work and it was good. 1997 was a good year... I want more world music with the wobbling dissonance. (you can tell I know nothing about music.) I remember one I discovered Loreena McKennitt, I suddenly lost interest in Enya.

Go to and type in lead so far is David Hyams, but his "Miles To Go" CD is out of print. (from the year 2000). So then I went to Last.FM for more recommendations.

Funny about this music interest because I was just ruminating to my wife last night that I can't recall buying a music CD since GranDaddy a few years ago. Can't even remember how I found out about them. Typing them into cdBaby reveals... er, wait, maybe I should go back to El Camino shopping (easier to find than a Nissan Axxess or a diesel Mitsubishi Montero).

Monday, March 20, 2006

the return of the Rice Crunch Carob Bar

So happy that Mrs. Winstons is carrying more Goldie's Premium Rice Crunch Carob Bars.

I had seriously headed over there this afternoon with the intent of buying WHATEVER flavor of carb bar they had. Probably Orange or Plain. In fact I had mentally resolved to buy one (or 2) a week until they were out and hopefully force them to order another batch. At which time I'd suggest they get more Crunch and fewer other flavors if possible.


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arguably the prettiest feature of our house.