Saturday, March 25, 2006


SoCalGamesDay 25 mega-session:

-n- Ticket to Ride Europe
-n- Oasis
-n- Dragon Delta
-o- Railroad Tycoon
-n- St. Petersburg
-o- Straw
-o- Settlers of New Catan
-o- Rheinländer
-n- Doge

This was my first time attending and I had a good time and enjoyed the crew. No stand-out new games this time, but got to play a couple of my favorites. (-n- = new and -o- = old --not all the old games I played were faves.)

The last 2 games were actually played after closing at the house of someone who lived near by.

Note for the future: bring plenty of snacks & drinks since the concession stand was lightly stocked. Dress in layers since the temperature can fluctuate.

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