Monday, December 03, 2007


Claire requests that a book be read to her by saying, "book." As soon as I put the book down the says, "book." This continues for a dozen or more books or until I finally distract her with some other activity. At bedtime when it is time to stop reading and go to sleep she cries and says, "book." She wakes up in the night and says, "book." Awaking from her nap the first thing she says is, "book." We are happy for her love of reading but are trying to encourage her to broaden her horizons.

On the sleep issue, last night was better. She slept from 7-12:45 then from 2:00-5:30 and 5:40-6:45. That first stretch was especially golden since us parents went to bed at 8:30. The only down side was the coughing fit and wakefulness from 12:45-2, but we all awoke much refreshed in the morning, and optimistic for the future of sleep in the Hudson household. Claire also went to bed quite easily tonight. Maybe she is learning how to sleep better.


Anonymous said...

The librarians and bookworms in the family are glad to see this interest in books. Maybe Claire will be an early reader.

Hooray for a better sleep pattern. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Love, Nanu

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I too am a middle of the night reader. I tell Mart, "I'm turning on the lamp." And then he turns over and I read until I get sleepy again. Will pray for Claire to become an early reader so mom and dad can get some sleep! Love, Nanna

Nikki said...

As a writer, I am glad to know you are raising a reader. :) It's fun to look in on you all here. Hope you have a lovely advent.