Saturday, February 23, 2008

Claire Likes

Claire Likes
1. Hugging
2. Reading
3. Swinging (and the "sa-lide") in the playground
4. Dancing
5. Making music i.e. tapping, banging, knocking
6. Walking
7. Bouncing
8. Grabbing cats
9. Eating bananas
10. Climbing

Yesterday as I was cuddling with her after her nap Claire said, "Night-Night. Close your eyes."

Mark's back is feeling better but now he has a cold/cough. I am sneezing like crazy--allergies I suspect. Claire seems to be fully recovered.

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Anonymous said...

We both have the cough and colds too! I love the list of Claire's things she likes! Hope you are all feeling well now. WOW! Claire is speaking in sentences now!! We loved Claire's Valentine artwork and the photos for us and great grandma Phyllis. Love, Nanna