Friday, March 28, 2008


Do you ever find yourself trying to finish making dinner, unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor under the highchair and set the table all at the same time?
I made my grandma's Hawaiian Shrimp recipe tonight and opened a new jar of homemade chutney for the occasion. Mark's on his way home and his dad who is visiting is in the shower. Claire went to sleep earlier than usual tonight and without a fuss so I actually have time to sit and blog for a few minutes in spite of a hectic evening. A lot of the time I feel too queasy to cook. Last weekend I picked up some frozen food at Trader Joe's (including the shrimp we are about to eat). Oh, I guess I haven't yet mentioned we are expecting our second child in October.
Claire loves the outdoors and especially swinging at the park. She is getting better at being able to walk all the way there, and most of the way back.


Anonymous said...

Claire is making so many advances it is hard to keep up.

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Love, Nanu

Nikki said...

How exciting! I pray you'll have a safe and healthy pregnancy. October is a good month. Then again... I'm October vintage, so I am rather partial.

Ma Torg said...

Yeah! Yeah! YEAH!!!!!