Monday, September 15, 2008


Emily has been gaining weight fast lately. She is up to 3 lbs 4.8 oz or 1499 grams.
Today as I was holding her in kangaroo care she started rooting (Looking for the breast.) There will be a change in doctors tomorrow. I pray that this doctor will be pro breastfeeding. The one who is going off duty keeps give me more reasons why Emily can't start nursing.
They are weaning her from the cannula which has been supplying air pressure through a tube in her nose. She was on 2 liter setting. Now she is on 1 liter. The nurse said they may discontinue it tomorrow.

For those of you who have asked us lately about when she can come home here is some general info:

Requirements for Discharge

Before being discharged from the hospital, a preemie must meet several basic requirements to ensure good health and fewer medical problems. Some nurseries require a minimum weight for discharge, but more often the NICU staff will evaluate the baby on these three criteria:

1. Can the baby maintain body temperature in an open crib for at least 24-48 hours, depending on how premature the baby was at birth?
2. Can the baby take all feedings by bottle or breast without supplemental tube feedings?
3. Can the baby gain weight steadily?

Most preemies meet these criteria 2 to 4 weeks before reaching their original due date. Infants who have had surgery, were born with malformations, or who spent weeks on breathing machines and oxygen are the most likely to stay beyond their original due date.

Emily hasn't met any of these requirements yet but I am hopeful that she will begin to since she is growing so well. (Although she is still receiving most of her calories intravenously, it shouldn't take too long for her to get up to full feeds.)


Anonymous said...

It is so good to think of the time that little Emily will be at home with her mom, dad, and big sister. So glad she's putting on weight and rooting for mom's nourishment. Love and Prayers, Nanna

Anonymous said...

YAY for EMily!!!!!!!! It's good to read exciting news, and it's good to see that after all you've been through, you still have the tenacity and courage to stand up for breastfeeding. What is wrong with these medical people these days?? Are we going back to the '50s when the new science of manufactured formulas were thought to be better than mom's milk? So strange. I love your spunk my dear (always have).
Hugs to all, and I do hope Miss Claire is using the feather duster regularly.
xoxox Linda