Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Creature Song

The day after Thanksgiving, as we were eating breakfast, Claire wanted to sing "the creature song." I was at a loss, but Jen soon remembered that we had sung the Doxology the day before, so we sang it again. And we've sung it every meal since.

Claire's verbal skills continue to increase. We were talking about going to a museum yesterday and Claire specified, "Natural History Museum." That's three 3-syllable words in a row for those counting at home. She's more self-aware all the time. Papa was laughing at Claire's "contraction" of "Claire wants" into "C'wants" and Claire's response was, "Claire's teasing Papa... Claire wants!"

Emily is doing well also, it is just that she is less "quotable." She did giggle twice yesterday though. I feel like I really got to bond with her this vacation time. She fell asleep in my arms several times, and I'm re-learning the infant soothing techniques. These few extra days around Thanksgiving are the first extended time I've got to spend with here since she came home from the hospital. My work was extra busy at that time, so I agreed to delay the rest of my family leave for a bit. (Hopefully I can take off a few weeks in December.)


Anonymous said...

Love the "Creature" song!! and I can picture Claire's twinkle in the eye as she announces to Papa Stan that she was teasing him. Maybe Emily is less quotable, but it's good to hear about her giggles and bonding times with her daddy. We love you all and are glad you had a nice visit with Nanu and Papa over Thanksgiving! Love to all, Nanna

Kathy said...

"Creature Song" actually makes sense! When our son Zac, now 10, was about Claire's age he wanted to sing "The dog's allergies." We were at a complete loss until he sang it. :)