Thursday, November 12, 2009


Claire is wearing a "mermaid" costume right now that she got along with a bagful from friends at church. She loves dressing up and changes from mermaid to princess to ballerina etc various times during the day. photos on flickr.


Martin said...

What fun to have such neat stuff to dress up in! We can't wait to see the photos. By the way, Papa Johney and Great Grammy have a computer and are online now, so they can view your photos at home. Grammy is beside herself with joy! We all love you very much. Love, Nanna

Linda said...

What a GREAT BAG OF GIFTS!!! WE LOVE the Claire costumes!!! Maybe she needs to bring them to my house and we can have a photo shoot. Chelsea had a great bag when she was a kid that included crazy WIGS that added a wild charm!! xxooL