Sunday, December 13, 2009

sweet sleep

Emily is sleeping through the night again. Two nights this week I had no interruptions from children during the night. This was very welcome since I've been fighting a cold. We moved Emily's crib to the den which will be her room until both girls are sleeping through the night on a regular basis at which point they will share Claire's room.


Nanna said...

Glad to hear everyone is sleeping well. Hope that includes daddy Mark as well. Em's new sleeping quarters sound good. You all make it work so well. I think I recognized the outfit Em is wearing: did her big sis wear it a couple of years ago? I always wished I had a big sister like some of my friends did to pass along clothes to me. Claire looks so sweet in the brown cord dress. (She looks sweet in just about everything!) Love those golden curls too. Thanks for passing on the curls to your girls, Mark & Jen. Thanks be to God our Lord for these precious little ones!! Love, Nanna

Linda said...

Hey Fave Fam!! How is everyone?? I am waiting to hear from you Ms Jen!!! You can call, email, FB, or BLOG me now!! Woowwweee. So stop wrestling with that cold and throw it out the window. LOVE seeing those cute babies. I have updated FB with Jack photos! He's crawling on all fours like a wild animal!! RAAAARRRRR!