Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bathtime quotes from Claire and Emily

Claire and Emily were bathing with a baby doll this evening and this is what they said.

Use a tin spoon or a tablespoon or a glass spoon
wishy washy
put the baby in
put the soap in
want it hair clip
I'm shaving the hairs off
now you have a bubbly soap
I put some soap in now you can have it
this is for you
it has sudzies zudzies wudzies
baby's floating
that's mine baby
washy baby
please turn it on
soap off
I'm a boat
I'm a boat
you can sail me
I am a boat
I'm a boat row row row
I see toes

You can guess who said what and what they were talking about.


JB said...

How delightful! Gertrude Stein would have loved this conversation!! It reminds me of her poetry in "Tender Buttons".

Nanna said...

It sounds like a bathy-splashy song to me. I can almost hear the tune. Love, Nanna