Saturday, October 23, 2010


I've been enjoying using the last of our garden produce lately. Cherry tomatoes in salads. Chard and onions in soup and baked up some winter squash.

Has anyone read Nourishing Traditions y Sally Fallon? If so I'm curious to know what you think of it. There are some good recipes and information, but one could really go to extremes in terms of time and money spent preparing food if one did everything she suggests.

The girls are doing well and playing so nicely together much of the time. Emily is becoming quite fluent in her speech. "Hello Mommy. I'm sitting in the bathtub." I wish I could think of some of the more amusing things she says. Claire said, "Emily tell me a story." And Emily replied, "Once upon a time there was a peacock crying. The end."


JB said...

Email Aunt Jan about the Fallon book. She may be familiar with it.

Sounds like Emily just told the shortest story on record. :-)

Nanna said...

Hi Jen, I haven't read the book, but you could think of it like you taught me with recipes: a spring board for the imagination. We learn helpful things from what we read, but can only apply what really works for us. We love hearing about the sweet girls interactions. But I want to know why the peacock was crying. Maybe because the peahen didn't share her corn. No more goodies in our garden except a few herbs. Love, Nanna

JB said...

Thanks for posting more photos.

Elisa said...

I had Nourishing Traditions for a short time from the library pretty soon before Thanos was born. I photocopied a bunch of the recipes I thought I would use, and honestly, have only used them hardly at all. I made one of the wheat berry salads, with some leftvoer memorial wheat, and honestly, it was horrible.

I like her idea of using "Whey." I always just throw mine away when making yogurt, but then again, I saved it a few times and it sat in my fridge unused, so I stopped.

My friend after reading it, didn't give her infant any grains until one year! I would have to hear thsi promoted more, and in the research before I went that extreme.

What good ideas did you glean from it? Cute pics, by the way? Do you get all your costumes at thrift stores?

Cheerio, Elisabeth