Friday, November 12, 2010


recent habits:
1. emptying things onto the floor from table tops, drawers, baskets--mostly mom's stuff. Argh!
2. playing mermaids-- she pretends that she is swimming all over the place and always is talking about the color of her tail (Very sweet.) Mom and Emily are also mermaids and today I have a pink tail. Claire has pantyhose braids and a shirt of mine and said that she is wearing her best mermaid clothes.
3. eating lots of good food including her favorite ground beef cooked with veggies mixed in served with ketchup.
4. arguing with her sister.

1. laying down on a pretend bed and being covered up with lots of small blankets by Claire.
2. sitting next to Claire looking at books and reciting the parts that she remembers.
3. closing all the doors in the house.
4. not a habit but interesting: she learned how to open the car door from the outside. (Claire has never done this...only Emily)

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JB said...

Thanks for the update. Growth and development is what it is all about.
It is so much fun to go back to Flickr and play videos from the past and see how much change has taken place.