Sunday, January 29, 2012

progress with the house

We have been taking up cracked vinyl tiles from our living room and dining room floors. Almost done. I have a 3x4 foot area left. Saturday Mark scraped loose paint and plaster from the living room ceiling and patched. The girls and I have been working on removing wallpaper from this room. This is a project the girls started and initiated when I was napping a month ago. half a wall to go. It feels so good to see progress.


Nanna said...

Good job, everyone! Good team effort! We are still plodding away on our carpet removal in the living room. We took a month off over the holiday, but made good progress last week. Trying some new techniques. (see blog for more) Love you all!

JB said...

Your project reminds me of all the work we did removing wall paper and paint on 3rd Avenue years ago. I am glad you are feeling so accomplished.