Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Country Moose and City Moose

A story dictated to me by Claire after reading Aesop's County Mouse City Mouse

Country Moose and City Moose 
Once upon a time there was a country moose and the country moose wanted City Moose to come to her house.
She didn't  like the food there. It was just bread and cheese and water. In a day or two City Moose asked country moose to come to her house. When they got to City Moose's house they were hungry. When they got there they found food on the table. They helped themselves to cake and dabs of jam.  After they were done eating they went upstairs for a nap. Then they got up and went to the store for more food.
They bought peas and onions and potatoes, carrots, radishes, turnips and celery and some potato chips, pretzels and fruit leather and water to snack on in the car. Because all the nice food was so great Country Moose decided to move to the city and live with City Moose.   
Chapter 2 - Country Moose goes to town.
Country Moose got up one day very early and quickly ate her breakfast and brushed her teeth then put her clothes on and got into her car and went to the store to buy more food because they had used up all their food. She went without her friend because they would quarrel too much at the store if they went together. She got all the things that she knew her friend liked.
Then she came home and put the things away.
Next she got out some of the things and made lunch.
Then City Moose came home from work and sat down for lunch. They said their prayers.
She said. "Thank you very much for making lunch Country Moose." Then they went upstairs to listen to CD's. They don't really nap they listen to CD stories. They had a cat named Rosie and she came upstairs and she was their furry alarm clock and she jumped on them and licked them. They said, "Funny Kitty you really like licking us." Then they go downstairs...

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