Monday, February 12, 2007

Claire Likes...

Claire likes...
baths, toys that make noise, mirrors, sitting up, solid foods of every vairety, being face to face, riding in the sling or stroller, music especially if her parent are singing it, swinging, sucking and gumming her fingers, fist or thumb, looking at books, holding onto straps/saftey belts, looking at her hands, grabbing her feet, making all kinds of noises...gurgling is the latest.

Claire and I did go to the La Leche meeting on Thursday and got there late and the meeting ended early. I'm still glad I went. I almost didn't go because right when I started packing Claire up she pooped and I had to change her and she threw a huge fit...this due to her itchy skin which feels worse when exposed to the air. Then I put her back in her car seat and she threw another screaming fit. I soothed her and put her back in and managed to finally pack up and leave with only minor fussing on her part, then on the way she was screaming again and scratching her arms agains the car-seat straps. I almost turned around and came home. I pulled over and thought about it and cried. I've been tring for months to go and here I was finally on my way to a meeting. In the end she fell asleep on the way...whew. The Ladies at the meeting were very encouraging. And I tried Claire at the breast whe we got home and she nursed for a minute or so. I've tried since and she only chomps and pulls. Oh well.

Mark, Claire and I all got colds so we stayed home and chilled out this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Goody Hudson,
If you would like an extra set of arms, I would love to go with you to the next meeting. We will pray the attacker who is trying to keep you isolated and defeated away! You are suffering so, this is not waisted on the Lord. He will give hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11
In Christ love,
Nanny McFarlan