Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Laughs

Yesterday Claire started laughing when I repeated "ha" over and over. I think this is the first time she's laughed without being tickled or jiggled. She did it again for me this morning. Very fun.

Haven't had any more of those nice 90 minute naps the past few days. Shucks. She has been napping in her crib which is a change...She used to nap in the swing. We also instituted a bedtime routine:
1.dim lights and turn on soft music
2. change diaper, moisturize and put on PJ's
3. offer cereal
4. read a bedtime story
5. read evening prayers
6. Swaddle and rock if necessary then put in crib
So far (As of last Thursday) it works like a charm. It is nice to have her falling asleep in her crib. We read that this was possible, but in the past I tried it without success. Swaddling seems to be a necessity because of her itchiness.

She sat up without any support for about 5 seconds yesterday. This was her longest stint of sitting without help. She has also been enjoying standing on my lap.

She has also been getting up on her knees while on her tummy.

She has been playing with Cheerios and new blocksthe past few days and seems to be enjoying manipulating them. She hasn't figured out how to get any Joe's O's into her mouth yet. I'm interested in a less salty alternative to Cheerios/Trader Joes O's. Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

Love the bedtime routine. It sounds so comfortable. Claire, you are learning so many new things. I can picture her checking out the Cheerios! Love & Smiles, Nanna Pennie