Friday, May 18, 2007


Claire has had a good week. She still coughs occasionally but doesn't sound congested like she did. Tomorrow morning she will recieve her last dose of antibiotics. We have been giving her probiotics in between antibiotic doses to re-populate her insides with the beneficial bacteria.

She had a mini skin flare-up today so I bathed her a few hours early and did her steriod oil/moisturizing routine. Her skin was already looking better before she went to bed. Yesterday she had an itchy chin and rubbed it raw during a nap. i think she might be sensitive to peas and lentils... I have stopped giving her peas but I gave her lentils for the first time and it seemed to make her itchy around the mouth.

Her sleep has been better for the most part with longer naps and longer stints between night wakings. Some nights she only wakes up twice. I have been able to have a little time to myself during some of her naps since I no longer so desperate for sleep that I feel the need to lie down each time Claire naps. I've been working on clearing off the dining room table which had been covered for several months with paperwork and a random assortment of other items.

The next couple of weeks will be busy for us traveling to various Doctor's offices including: Dermatologist May 24, Neurologist May 29, pediatrician for shots May 30. Her next Cardiologist visit isn't till August.

Claire was evaluated by an Ocupational therapist this week and will recieve OT twice a week. This will mean 5 visits a week from various therapists. Whew!

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