Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Neurologist visit

We enjoyed Claire's birthday with family this past weekend. She thouroughly entertained everyone and vice-versa.

Since we stopped the Dermasooth steroid oil treatment.... Claire's skin has been inflamed and bumpy (tiny redish dots) on arms and legs and behind the ears. She has been scratching some. We are using some over the counter hydrocortisone to try to keep it under control. She had one bad night but last night she only woke up once while we were sleeping.

We had a good visit with the neurologist today. She said that Claire seems like a normal 10 month old (Her adjusted age.) Claire was very smiley and social during the visit and had fun playing with the crinkly bed cover paper. We will go for an MRI in the next few weeks just to check out the resolution of the brain bleed.

Tomorrow we go to the pediatrician for 12 month shots and check up.

I haven't pumped since Sat. I'm sad about not giving Claire any more milk.

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Jen said...

Jen Marie,
I am sorry you feel sad. That is very understandable. On the flip side, you have certainly done much for your Claire, more than many moms are willing to do even for their full-term babies with no latching problems. Baby Claire is well loved, that's for sure!