Friday, June 01, 2007

Tired and Cranky

Claire has beed sleeping terribly the past three nights with last night being the worst. She also has been getting progressively more itchy since we stopped using Dermasoothe skin oil. We ended up dabbing some hydrocortisone on the most troulesome patches but Claire gets itchy in places that don't look red or inflamed. She was naving such a bad day today that I used the Dermasoothe. Within an hour she was a new child. We had a lovely couple of hours until her naptime and she has been sleeping soundly for an hour and a quarter.

She got her one year shots the other day and a blood test to check for antibodies against typical food alergens. We should find out Monday if she is alergic to something. (Avoiding food alergens could help in managing her eczema.)

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Anonymous said...

So sorry about all the itchiness, but how great to have the quick response to the Dermasoothe as a fall back until you get more clues on what to do. We'll continue to pray!! Much love, Nanna Pennie