Thursday, January 17, 2008


Yesterday we began weaning Claire from the bottle. During the past 8 months Claire has repeatedly relapsed into refusing solid food and only wanting the bottle. Her new pediatrician whom we visited yesterday said it's time to get rid of the bottle. He suggested only offering water in the bottle and milk in a cup. We did this until bedtime yesterday. I gave her the regular bedtime bottle and tried to give her a bottle of water when she woke up three hours later...that didn't go over well...
Anyway, the food consumption is up today and we adding flax seed oil to her food-this is both for extra calories and to help her itchy skin. Today she wasn't too keen on the spoon but enjoyed sipping her puree from a little cup/dish. She did better with the sippy cup today. We've been offering the sippy cup and or drinks from a regular glass for months, but she never seemed very keen on drinking formula from a cup.

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