Monday, January 21, 2008

gave up on quick wean

We gave up on the fast track weaning. Claire was really distraught after that first night. I was afraid she was so upset that she was going to go on longterm strike from eating food and drinking from the sippy cup. Well she is eating like a champ since we realized that she has been taking way too much formula and started limiting her formula intake. She has been eating soy yogurt which seems to be a current favorite along with pureed pears with pineapple or blueberry. I've started mixing in pureed veggies and black beans or rice-protein powder and flax oil to the foods she likes and she doesn't seem to mind. She is still interested in exploring other crunchier foods but doesn't consume much. Claire is not interested in trying the sippy cup about 9 times of the last 10 that it was offered to her. Hopefully she will warm up to it.

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Ma Torg said...

Lucy was a bit younger when we switched to the sippy cup. I disovered the problem she had was how to drink and get the quick flow she's used to from the breast. So, we held her in breastfeeding positions while offering the sippy cup. She learned how to suck it properly and get liquids more quickly and was happy with it.

Also, I know some kids who just go straight to cup (no lid) or suck out of straw sippy cups instead. You might want to just try another cup or have Claire help you pick one. Some kids just do'nt like sippy cups (consider switching from a soft texture to plain hard plastic. Yuck!)

We continue to think of you guys a lot. Next time we're down I want to plan a bit better so we can have more of a visit wiht you.