Thursday, June 19, 2008

baking with Claire

Claire has helped me make muffins twice. This week it was Zucchini muffins. She doesn't seem to like them as well as the applesauce muffins. Today after helping me make brownies I told her we'll have to put on aprons next time. (We are both wearing chocolate.) She said repeatedly "need an apron." I sewed one for her with some stained cloth I had on hand. It is adorable. Maybe she will wear it Sunday since we are helping prepare luncheon at church.

Claire slept all night long the past two nights!!!
She also had 4 nights last week of sleeping 8-10 hours straight. Hurray!!
This is real progress. Thanks be to God.


Katie Jones said...

Yay! Good job Claire. I am glad that you have been getting more rest Jen.

Anonymous said...

How fun. I am glad Claire likes to "cook". This reminds me of the time I was making cookies with Andrew. I put a TV tray in the kitchen as a work surface so he could see to help. He wanted to crack the eggs. Well the first one landed smack on the floor!!

It is so good to hear that sleep is finally happening. Terrific!!

Love, Nanu

Anonymous said...

I loved baking with Mark & Jill when they were little. Maybe I'll stitch up an apron for Claire and send it with her new blue-eyed dolly. Love & Hugs, Nanna