Monday, June 23, 2008

Feeling better

I'm feeling more myself today. Still stuffy nosed and a little bit of a headache.
Claire And I went to the natural history museum today. I was aiming to catch the 3:00 live animal presentation in their discovery center but the guy who sold us our tickets was new and it took at least 5 extra minutes because he kept making mistakes with the computer. then we waited for the elevator. We finally got downstairs and found the discovery center and there didn't appear to be any presentation going on or anyone to ask. We started wandering around and touching the hands-on displays and at the very end of the live animal presentation we found the group at the back of the discovery center in a corner you couldn't see from the front. Oh well. Claire enjoyed toughing the polar bear, seeing the snakes, spiders and turtle and touching the shells and rocks and fossils. Then we went back upstairs and saw bison and elephants and other north American and African animals on exhibit. (I prefer the zoo.)Lastly we breezed through the rocks and minerals and the skeletons of sloths and saber tooth tigers etc.
We had a snack out in the rose garden and then came home.
When Mark asked Claire what she saw at the museum she said, "Snakes."

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JB said...

Yikes, snakes. Maybe she will not "inherit" her Nanu's and grandma's feelings about creepy, crawling snakes.

Happy to hear you are feeling better.

Love, Nanu